I love my new kitchen

Tuesday, February 22, 2011   Testimonials

Recently I decided to re-do my small galley kitchen. I came to Stone One with high hopes after reading all the positive reviews. When I arrived, I was greeted by Layara with a friendly and sincere smile. She and Angelo were eager to help me find the perfect granite. However, after I was done browsing around I noticed that I only liked some granite I hadn’t fell in love yet. They recommended I go to Boston Granite Exchange. So I did, it was a short 10 minute ride away. When I arrived at BGE I started to make my way down several aisles and I finally came across my dream piece. It was called Magma, a beautiful piece of Italian granite. I waited before tagging it to see if my boyfriend agreed. Later in the week, we went back to BGE, turned out someone had come in that same morning and bought the entire lot of Magma slabs. We left very upset. I drove back to Stone One and spoke with Silvana, I explained how devastated we were that the lot was sold out. She felt awful and decided to call BGE and inquire further about the sold out lot. She told us not to worry that she would get it for us. We left grateful but very nervous and anxious. The next morning she called us with great news, we got the slab!! After that, everything went smoothly the template, the purchase, the installation- everything!! They had my granite installed in 6 days after the template. The installation crew was complimentary, polite and professional. In closing, I recommend to you to go to Stone One as I have told many friends and family just starting off with new homes and keeping up with home improvements. The craftmanship, customer service and price were unbeatable.Thank you Stone One I love my new kitchen.



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