Increase the value of your home with Granite

Granite can be used for many applications, including countertops, bar tops, bathroom vanities, table tops, kitchen islands and more. Granite can increase the value of a home or condo, add class to a drab kitchen or bathroom and bring a elegance to any room. Granite is not a man-made product, so each slab has a uniqueness and style unlike any other.

Why Choose Granite ?

  • Heat Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant – It’s highly scratch resistant surface will not show wear from daily use.
  • Easily Maintained – Routine cleaning with mild soap & water and a once a year re-application of a penetrating sealer is all it needs.


  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Fireplace Mantels
  • Jacuzzi Surrounds
  • Bar-tops
  • Custom tables and desks
  • Shower surrounds

Granite Galleries

(gallery photos are not of materials in stock – they are just to have an idea of what is available)

Black Samples




Light Colors


Product Information

Granite is the hardest natural surface you can install for your kitchen countertops. Granite is second only to diamonds in terms of hardness. Granite is an increasingly popular natural surface for countertops because of its unbeatable toughness. Most granite is also impossible to scratch. One of the main advantages of granite is its extreme heat resistance, meaning you can place hot frying pans and pots directly on the countertop without fear of damaging it. One of the main disadvantages of granite as a countertop material is that it is naturally porous so it can be permanently stained if certain acidic or oily substances are spilled on it. Also, each granite countertop will have its own unique pattern of colors unlike any other, with speckles, splotches and stripes that you will appreciate for years to come. Granite comes from all over the world such as India, Brazil, Italy, Saudi Arabia and even New England! Contact us or browse our stone catalog.

Care & Maintenance

Lighter colored granites will be more prone to staining than darker ones. Wiping spills immediately will help avoid most potential staining. To help repel stains, granite is sealed with a penetrating sealer (stone impregnator) before installation. We recommend periodically re-sealing granite according to the sealer’s instructions. Products such as coffee, red wine, cooking oils, butter, lemon juice, tomatoes, and anything else acidic should be wiped off the countertop as soon as possible. Take care to use the proper cleaning agents; those that are ammonia based can etch the granite and dull its polish.

Hot pots may be set directly on granite with no potential for the stone to show burn marks, though that isn’t necessarily true for the seams. If you do set hot pots directly on your stone surface, take caution after removing it as the stone will absorb heat from the pot and may be hot to the touch.

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